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Appointments and “Who’s the Umpire?”

As the County Appointments Officer for Berkshire Cricket, our Appointments Officer appoints approximately 600 umpires to ECB and County competitions every year. The number of appointments grows each year.

Like most of the country we now make extensive use of the computer system

The system is now operational and allows officials to enter and update their own details and availability.
Appointments are allocated by the County and Regional Appointments Officers and communicated electronically to the officials via e-mail. Once the appointment is accepted by the official the system automatically confirms this to the relevant Appointments Officer and simultaneously informs the clubs involved in the fixture, as well as providing the official’s contact details.

The appointed official is also able to use the system to get directions and other useful information about the clubs, i.e. directions to the ground and even local weather reports!

Each team contact (the manager, coach or administrator), are able to access and update their data and are responsible for entering their team information, fixtures, venues and other related details for which the appointments to be made depend.


All appointments and any necessary changes will be notified and confirmed by e-mail to the preferred address.

Whos the Umpire