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Berkshire Cricket Officials Association (BCOA)
Committed to the Development and Support of Umpires & Scorers in Berkshire

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BCOA - Calendar for 2014
Throughout the year we run a number of courses for Umpires and Scorers of every level, please contact our Membership Services Officer for more detail.

We hold meetings at Wokingham Cricket Club, The Pavilion, Sadler's End, Sindlesham, Wokingham on the third Monday of each month, except December or if the date clashes with a Bank Holiday. All Umpires and Scorers in Berkshire, whether qualified or not, are welcome. The meetings start at 7.45pm and last for about 2 hours. We try to secure guest speakers during the year. Details of the speakers and topics will be announced on the home page of this web site.

The evening is intended to bring together a like-minded group, to share experiences, bring themselves up-to-date with the laws and practices and to chat about any cricket problems. Training, performance and appointments are also discussed and “audience participation” is encouraged. Please see below a list of our meetings scheduled so far.

Nov 2013

18th BCOA Monthly Meeting with Charlotte Edwards as guest speaker.

19th Committee Meeting

Dec 2013

No BCOA Meeting this month

Jan 2014

27th BCOA AGM  
19th & 26th Level 1 Umpires Course at Henley CC (first course)

Feb 2014

2nd Level 1 Umpires Assessment at  
Henley CC (first course)

19th Committee Meeting

24th BCOA Monthly Meeting

Mar 2014

9th & 16th Level 1 Scorers Course and Assessment at Cookham Dean CC

17th BCOA Monthly Meeting

23rd & 30th Level 1 Umpires Course at Henley CC (second course)

April 2014

6th Level 1 Umpires Assessment at  
Henley CC (second course)

14th BCOA Monthly Meeting
30th L1SD / L1A Workshop 1at Swallowfield Parish Hall  

May 2014

6th Committee Meeting

18th L1SD Workshop 2 at Swallowfield Parish Hall

19th BCOA Monthly Meeting with Guest Speaker Nick Cousins

June 2014

22nd L1SD  / L1A Workshop 2 at Swallowfield Parish Hall

16th BCOA Monthly Meeting

July 2014

27th L1SD  / L1A Workshop 3 at Swallowfield Parish Hall

28th BCOA Monthly Meeting we have
Angus Fraser as our Guest Speaker
Who will be speaking about his cricket experiences and with reference to the roles of Umpires and Scorers

Aug 2014

18th BCOA Monthly Meeting

Sept 2014

15th BCOA Monthly Meeting

Oct 2014

20th BCOA Monthly Meeting where we plan to have a Guest Speaker

Nov 2014

17th BCOA Monthly Meeting

Dec 2014

No BCOA Meeting this month