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Although primarily aimed at the scoring community an innovative CPD programme has been launched by Sue Drinkwater, the ECB ACO Scorers Education Manager , using a You Tube Channel. This channel is designed to help cricket scorers learn new skills and practice their craft in the closed season.

Please note, any advice given on this channel comes personally from Sue as an experienced cricket scorer.

When possible live scoring sessions will be offered to help scorers who cannot get to a match achieve some practice while short 'how to' videos will be provided for self help.

Why is this channel called RunWktsOvers? Hint : take a look at MCC Laws of Cricket - Law 3 and see what a scorer should be recording.

Many of the sessions are of great benefit to our umpiring partners, particular the DL & DLS sessions.
For those VERY keen there is the opportunity to score the 2017 T20 Blast Final on line (No you will not be transported back in time).

The South Central Region of the ACO, of which Berkshire is a member, has initiated a CPD programme to run through the 2020 season to enable our officials to exercise their minds whether working by themselves or in teams using various technologies like the telephone, WhatsApp, Zoom etc.

If you have any ideas please contact your CSO, CEO or CDO so they can discuss them with their Regional counterpart.
To go to the umpire CPD page press this button

Introduction to RunsWktsOvers by Sue Drinkwater.

Welcome to this introduction to different types of cricket scoring methods.

In this video we outline 4 different ways you can score a cricket match.

Score along with us with the Sky Sports re-airing of the 2017 T20 Blast Final; Birmingham Bears Vs. Nottingham Outlaws.

But first read this document

This is a short tutorial to get you started with linear scoring. It is aimed at existing scorers who want to have a go at a different method of scoring.
But first read this document

We will be demonstrating how to operate Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS) within the Play Cricket Scorer Professional (PCS Pro).
But first read this document

We will be using Play Cricket Scorer Professional (PCS Pro) in an hour’s session dedicated to editing techniques and tips.
But first read this document

We will be looking at the new features and main scoring changes in version of Play Cricket Scorer Professional (PCS Pro) that was released on 7th May 2020.
But first read this document

We will be demonstrating how to use the DL Calculator within the Play Cricket Scorer app.
But first read this document


Scheduled for May 27th
Welcome to the RunsWktsOvers channel where tonight we will be demonstrating recording wickets in Play Cricket Scorer Professional (PCS Pro),
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