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Access to the CPD Modules Developed by the ECB ACO South Central Region

Bite Size

RUN OUTS (Continuing Professional Development) CPD
The link above takes you to a folder containing FIVE files, including a README.PDF which MUST be read first.

LBW’s (Continuing Professional Development) CPD
The link above takes you to a folder containing a series of SIX delivered for you to judge for LBW’s , plus a sample file and a README.PDF which MUST be read first. Over the “season” more series of SIX deliveries will be added for you to judge.

The South Central Region of the ACO, of which Berkshire is a member, has initiated a CPD programme to run through the 2023 season to enable our officials to exercise their minds whether working by themselves or in teams using various technologies like the telephone, WhatsApp, Zoom etc.

The MCC Laws of cricket underwent a major and important update in 2022/23 you can find a PowerPoint describing these in detail by following this link to the regulations page.


 RunsWktsOvers (Continuing Professional Development) CPD

This is designed to help cricket scorers learn new skills and practice their craft in the closed season.
It is also of interest to non scorers and in particular umpires.


For ALL the modules it is strongly recommended that they are DOWNLOADED to your computer before playing.

Bite Size are a series of PowerPoint Slides to take us back to the very fundamentals of umpiring. These presentations provide an overview only.

For those starting out the Bite Size programme will not teach you everything you need to know, but it will give you some of the tools you need to start off.

As they will provide you with an understanding of some basic cricket umpiring techniques you may need to develop these skills through practical experience and more structured training should you so wish.

So, the aim of Bite Size is to:

The current list of modules is:

  1. Planning and Preparation
    including a short talk on nutrition by Chris Kelly.           
  2. Understanding Playing Regulations   
  3. Giving Decisions                                   
  4. Positioning                                                 
  5. Movement and Positioning
    including a discussion on best practice for run outs by ICC/ECB Umpires
    between Richard Kettleborough and Paul Baldwin
  6. Bouncers
  7. Beamers
  8. Injured Strikers and Runners
  9. Ground, Weather and Light
  10. Substitutes and Penalty Times
  11. Record Keeping

Are You Ready to Call PLAY

This programme has been developed by ECB ACO to help umpires coming straight from a training course to officiating their first few competitive games.

 It has been produced as the result of observations of those taking that path in previous seasons. It may also be a useful revision exercise following a long winter layoff.

There are two documents for you to download and then to discuss with your County Training Team how best to proceed.

  1. Download the Participant Guide
  2. Download the Checklist

These are a series of PowerPoint Slides highlighting points made during online discussions held between first class and international umpires in Webinars organised by the Close Call Facebook Group.

So, like Bite Size programme the aim of the Match Day Experience Modules is to:

The current list of modules is:

  1. A Bad Day At the Office
    This module will allow you to compare your own on and off field experiences with your experienced professional peers and shows that you are not alone in what you experience and emotions that you feel.          

Our thanks go to the Close Call Group for working with us and allowing us to use the content.

Match Day  Information Sheets  Playbook Modules